Pinot Grigio

Food pairings: versatile. Districts: pinot grigio is planted extensively in the Venezia and Alto Adige regions of Italy. Pinot grigio is also grown in the western coastal regions of the U.S.A. It is called malvoisie in the Loire Valley and pinot gris in the rest of France. In Germany and Austria pinot grigio is known as the Ruländer or Grauer Burgunder. Similar aliases are used in the german settled regions of Australia. Typical taste: crisp, dry wines with good acid "bite" are typically made in Italy and Germany. Oregon or Alsace Pinot Gris shows aromatic, fruity flavors. Pairing with food is more difficult because Alsatian winemakers leave the grapes on the vine much longer. The perfume in Alsatian Pinot Gris makes it especially well suited for Thai or spicy Chinese cuisine.

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  1. Cesari Duetorri Pinot Grigio

    Cesari Duetorri Pinot Grigio


    This informal white offers aromas of citrus blossom and peach while the light, simple palate shows pear, a touch of lime and a hint of mineral. Zesty acidity leaves a fresh finish. Learn More
  2. Baron Herzog Pinot Grigio

    Baron Herzog Pinot Grigio


    This Pinot Grigio from California is classic in style with a perfect balance of acidity and incredible aromas. It has wonderful perfume notes on the nose, followed by ripe pear, apple and tropical fruit notes. Light in body with a clean and elegant finish, this wine is perfect for summertime sipping, or as an accompaniment to cheese plates or light pasta dishes. Serve chilled. Reflecting a desire to improve the environment, Baron Herzog Wines are produced utilizing "sustainable wine growing policies and practices" directed towards improving their wines and our environment. Learn More
  3. Fuoristrada Grillo Tetra Pak Vegan Organic Wine

    Fuoristrada Grillo Tetra Pak Vegan Organic Wine


    Grillo is thought to have been used in one of Julius Caesar's favorite wines. Et tu, Brutus? This wine expresses the classic qualities of Italian Grillo - crisp, bright and pale lemon in color; aromas of citrus zest, with a hint of wild flowers; on the palate it's generous, well-balanced - with a fresh acidity and a touch of minerality. Enjoy this delicious ready to drink Grillo, in an environmentally conscious package, from vineyards farmed organically by passionate growers! Tasting notes: Crisp, bright with a hint of wild flowers Learn More
  4. 2014 Graffigna Centenario Pinot Grigio Reserve

    2014 Graffigna Centenario Pinot Grigio Reserve


    A light, fresh white, mixing melon, citrus and floral notes. Drink now. Learn More
  5. Cantina Gabriele Pinot grigio

    Cantina Gabriele Pinot grigio


    Excellent wine during the whole meal, it can accompany various types of antipasti, plates of simple fish and vegetables, as well as risottos Learn More
  6. 2014 Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

    2014 Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio


    Santa Margherita first introduced Americans to Pinot Grigio in 1979. Thirty years later, Santa Margherita remains the most requested Pinot Grigio and Imported Wine in America’s fine restaurants. Tasting Notes Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio is the benchmark by which all other Pinot Grigios are judged. The wine boasts a fresh, clean fragrance that is followed by a crisp, refreshing flavor with hints of citrus fruits. This wine is well-structured and sophisticated, a perfect choice for entertaining! Pinot Grigio Pairing Recipes This wine pairs beautifully with a wide range of light-weight dishes. Learn More

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