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  1. Voga Sparkling White Wine

    Voga Sparkling White Wine


    Talk about your Old World wines: Historians believe Italian wine has been produced for some 4,000 years. Today, it’s possible to enjoy Italian wines in both traditional and modern styles that reflect the diversity of Italy’s many winemaking regions and the more than 1,000 grape varieties that thrive there. Learn More
  2. Cliffton Cider

    Cliffton Cider


    Founded by Cape Town native (by way of NYC), Shelagh D'Arcy-Hinds, in the hopes of recreating the fresh, sparkling apple wines "enjoyed overseas", Cliffton uses sustainably-farmed Finger Lakes table apples rather than traditional cider apples and employs the Charmat process (like Prosecco) to achieve flavors and textures that are more akin to dry wine than cider. Learn More
  3. Coppola Brut Rose

    Coppola Brut Rose


    It flaunts a floral nose highlighted by aromatic notes of tea leaves and flavors of tart red currants, pomegranate, strawberries, peaches, cloves, and spice berries. Graceful and round across the palate, the wine is underscored by a crisp verve that brings the tapestry of flavors to life, then lets them linger on the sparkling finish. Makes a fantastic aperitif and is perfect for sipping poolside. Learn More
  4. Coppola Sofia Blanc De Blancs

    Coppola Sofia Blanc De Blancs


    Sofia Blanc de Blancs, a unique blend of Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Muscat, is a delicate sparkling wine perfect for any celebration. It offers seductive flavors, fresh aromatics and light effervescence – all packaged with striking, feminine flair. The 2011 Sofia Blanc de Blancs delivers delicate scents of orange blossom, lemon and apricots. Fresh, crisp and festively charming, you'll enjoy light effervescence and elegant notes of quince, green apples, pears, and pineapple. Blend: 74% Pinot Blanc, 16% Riesling, 10% Muscat Learn More
  5. Bollicini Sparkling Cuvee

    Bollicini Sparkling Cuvee


    It has an intense fruity bouquet with a hint of apple and minerality. It is dry, fruity, fresh, light in body and well-balanced. Learn More
  6. Gancia Prosecco Brut

    Gancia Prosecco Brut


    This sparkling is made from the best selection of Glera grapes coming from the Prosecco area. Production takes place between Friuli and Veneto, in the area of the Prosecco di Treviso. After harvesting, the grapes are soft pressed and then vinified in white (without the skins) at 18° C controlled temperature. Particular attention is given to the fermentation temperature in order to enhance the aromatic characteristics of Prosecco. Learn More
  7. Jellybean Moscato

    Jellybean Moscato


    An inviting combination of floral notes and vibrant fruit flavors, our Moscato hails from the country that understands the good life – Spain. Indulging the senses with decadent notes of peach, apricot and rose petal, this is a refreshing white wine with a fruit-forward personality. In the mouth, the wine’s vibrant flavors of stone fruit and lime dance on the palate alongside fragrant notes of orange blossom. It’s a light-bodied yet lush pour with a fruity substance that comes courtesy of the Mediterranean sunshine. Learn More
  8. Lisabella Prosecco

    Lisabella Prosecco


    Full-bodied sparkler with a bountiful honeydew character, light bead and fresh finish. Learn More
  9. Acinum Prosecco Extra Dry

    Acinum Prosecco Extra Dry


    A bright and expressive Prosecco, with floral, spice and exotic pineapple and guava fruit set on a fine, creamy bead. Delivers a fresh, zesty finish. Drink now. 835 cases made. Learn More
  10. 2013 Sant' Arturo Moscato D'Asti

    2013 Sant' Arturo Moscato D'Asti


    After the harvest the moscato grape, which is now ripe and sweet, undergoes a soft pressing in the air pneumatic press. The product obtained from this first phase of the wine making process (grape juice) is put into a refrigerated store at a temperature of 0° C in order to reduce the fermentation activity. Subsequently every single stock will be filtered and put in autoclave; this special tank is able to retain the carbon dioxide and heat the product, which is now still completely sugary, at a temperature 15° C. The purpose of this procedure is to favour the fermentation process with will reach 5.5% vol. of alcohol. The product is the cooled at a temperature of 0° C in ordere to stop the fermentation process. After all these phases of the wine making process, the product can be finally called Moscato d’Asti. After the month of October we proceede with the bottling in the first days of November and after a short period of refining in the bottle, the wine is ready for the first tastings

    Learn More
  11. Donelli Lambrusco Grasparossa Di Castelvetro

    Donelli Lambrusco Grasparossa Di Castelvetro


    Fine and persistent foam with violet hues, this wine is rich ruby red in color with garnet reflections, particularly along the rim. Fruity aromas of red berries intermingle with spicy notes. On the palate, pleasantly semi-sweet fruit flavors come through. It is nicely balanced by light tannins. Serve well-chilled as an aperitif with typical fare from the the Emilia-Romagna region including cured fatty charcuterie like mortadella. Also excellent with meat tortellini. Learn More
  12. Dulce Anna Codorniu

    Dulce Anna Codorniu


    A distant note of apple can be found on the nose of this sweet Cava. Chunky and unfocused on the palate, this tastes outright sugary, with a note of vanilla extract. A plump finish comes with modest acidity for balance. Learn More
  13. True Rebel Reserve Hard Cider Oak Aged

    True Rebel Reserve Hard Cider Oak Aged


    During the American Revolutionary War, a brave soldier was trapped within his home by surrounding enemies and burned alive. This home once stood on the property where our ciders are made and his spirit actively wanders through the cellars in search of cider to quench his burning thirst. This cider was hand made using only the best apples in New York and reserved in oak barrels before being bottled. Rebel Reserve is the Standard Cider's Company's lasting tribute to the brave soldier who proved that WHEN HELD TO THE FIRE, LEGENDS PREVAIL. Learn More
  14. Clairette De Die Jaillance Methode Traditionale

    Clairette De Die Jaillance Methode Traditionale


    Clairette De Die Jaillance Methode Traditionale Learn More
  15. VILLA ROSA Brachetto D'Acqui

    VILLA ROSA Brachetto D'Acqui


    NV Villa Rosa Brachetto D'acqui is a bright cherry colored in the glass. Fresh and lively on the nose showing strawberry, cranberry and candied spice aromas. The palate is silky and lightly effervescent, with a mixture of raspberry, sweet herbs, vanilla, and plum. A pure finish, with excellent length, nicely frames each component. Drink right away while young and fresh. Pair it with any berry dessert, from a raspberry tart to a blackberry crumble to strawberry shortcake. Villa Rosa Description Villa Rosa was created by the Opici family as a tribute to the late Rose Opici, a founder of the Opici Wine Group. Rose was partial to Piedmont’s indigenous grapes, particularly the white varietals, regularly enjoying a glass of Gavi with her favorite Italian fare or celebrating life with sweet bubbles from Asti. From Asti to Barolo, Opici collaborated with some of Piedmont’s finest growers and producers, each specialists in their respective appellations. In a sense, the Villa Rosa collection embodies Rose’s dynamic personality. Just as she was charismatic and full of life, these wines are fully-flavored, approachable, easy-going, and food-friendly selections. Learn More
  16. Saracco Moscato D'Asti

    Saracco Moscato D'Asti


    Saracco's Moscato is perfumed with notes of fresh lychee, pear and white flower floating from the glass. On the palate, the fruit is lifted by the sparkle, and touches of residual sugar add candied essence to the fresh fruit. Saracco's Moscato can be enjoyed as an aperitif. Or at the end of the meal, Saracco will refreshingly match with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Don't struggle against the heat, when you can sit by the pool and sip this great Moscato d'Asti. Enjoy Learn More
  17. Mongarda Prosecco Extra Dry

    Mongarda Prosecco Extra Dry


    Fragrant and refined, this elegant sparkler offers enticing scents of hawthorn, wild flower and sliced pear. The vibrant balanced palate doles out citrus, crisp apple and a hint of ginger set against firm acidity and a soft, foaming mousse. It has clean dry finish. Learn More
  18. Jeio Prosecco Brut

    Jeio Prosecco Brut


    The color is a light straw yellow. The nose is fruity and fresh The taste is sapid and elegant. Due to the "brut" personality, this wines makes an ideal accompaniment for the entire complement of cocktail sandwiches and elaborate canapes. Excellent for reception and cocktails parties. Learn More
  19. Malia Organic Prosecco

    Malia Organic Prosecco


    With a name inspired by the old Italian expression meaning “House of Charm,” Casa di Malia pays tribute to the magic of Treviso, one of the storied towns in the Province of Venice in the heart of the Prosecco appellation. The grapes for Casa di Malia all come from Tenuta Divici, a collection of family-owned vineyards, all of which are certified organic. The estate’s commitment to true Italian Prosecco and honest, unfettered viticulture shines through in their wines: elegant, expressive, ... Learn More
  20. San Giuseppe Prosecco

    San Giuseppe Prosecco


    Grapes: Prosecco A delicate straw colour , fruity and slightly aromatic with plenty of apple flavours and fine and persistent bubbles. A small scale production which produces this excellent Prosecco. All grapes are sourced from the estate. San Giuseppe Azienda Agricola Sa Giuseppe is a 25 hectare family owned estate situated in the pricturesque hills surrounding the twon of San Pietro di Feletto. Unusually for Prosecco, where many producers by in their fruit or base wine, all their production comes from their own grapes. San Giuseppe Prosecco was ranked among 'Italys 100 Best Wines' at the famous 'Expo dei Sapori 2004', gastronomic fair in Milan. Learn More
  21. Coppola Sofia Blanc De Blancs

    Coppola Sofia Blanc De Blancs


    The 2015 Sofia Blanc de Blancs delivers an evocative fragrance of passion fruit and orange blossoms followed by subtle notes of pineapple, peach, honeysuckle, apricot and lime. Delicate effervescence on the palate and light character give our Sofia Blanc de Blancs wonderful versatility for any occasion. Enjoy this wine as an aperitif, with hors d’oeuvres, or all on its own for the sheer pleasure of it all. Learn More
  22. Saint Hilaire Blanquette De Limoux 2012

    Saint Hilaire Blanquette De Limoux 2012


    More than a century before champagne, the Benedictine Monks of the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire in the Southern foothills of Limoux had created France's Very First Sparkling Wine. Today, over four and a half centuries later, Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux is made in the very same foothills of Southern France. Learn More
  23. Vilarnau Rose Brut Reserva

    Vilarnau Rose Brut Reserva


    Made from Trepat and Pinot Noir grapes which give this delicious pink fizz a bright redcurrant colour and vibrant ripe strawberry fruit characters, this Cava is aged for 18 months prior to disgorgement. It is soft and juicy in character with refreshing balanced acidity - the perfect aperitif. Vilarnau (literally translated as The House of Arnau) made its first aged cavas in the town of Sant Sadurni d'Anoia in 1949. Sixty years later the wines are now made in a state of the art winery, whose sleek minimalist design couldn't be further from the fortified Romanesque house from which the company takes its name. The estate lies at approximately 250 metres above sea level and enjoys a Mediterranean climate, shielded by the breathtaking Montserrat Mountains to the north and the Litoral range to the south. Specialising in long-aged cavas, Vilarnau has over two and a half million bottles in stock, stored in temperature controlled cellars to ensure consistency of style and quality year after year. Damia Deas has been in charge of winemaking at Vilarnau since 1985. He has personally supervised the planting of the vineyards and the construction of the spectacular bodega. Its sleek simplicity and sympathy with the surrounding landscape reflects Damia's interest in architecture, in which he is also qualified. Damia is passionate about Precision Viticulture, a practice where each vine is treated individually, achieving the ultimate balance between the canopy, the number of bunches and water retention, resulting in perfect ripening of the grapes. Learn More
  24. Shinas Estate Moscato Australia

    Shinas Estate Moscato Australia


    Very floral and herbal on the nose along with strong lemon and honey. Not as interesting on the palate but quite good. Good acidity and not too sticky sweet. Learn More
  25. Saint Hilaire Cremant Rose

    Saint Hilaire Cremant Rose


    With a history that dates back to 1531 and years of great sales volume in our store, St.-Hilaire has finally added a sparkling Rose to their line-up. As with its stable mate, St. Hilaire's Brut Rose is sourced from the acclaimed Laguedoc-Roussillon region of southern France. The grapes; 70% Chardonnay, 20% Chenin Blanc and 10% Pinot Noir are from select high elevation vineyards. The "prise de mousses" or second fermentation occurs slowly in the bottle and the wine is then given another 12 months aging on the lees. In the glass one finds a pale salmon pink liquid graced with strands of pin point bubbles, while the taste buds are treated to tangy impressions of raspberries and wild strawberries complemented by hints of brioche and brown spices in its pleasingly dry finish. Looks like St. Hilaire has another hit on its hands! Learn More
  26. Domaine Sebastien Brunet Petillant Rose

    Domaine Sebastien Brunet Petillant Rose


    Nose: Clean, medium and fully developed floral, orchard fruit. Palate: Off dry, moderate acidity, low alcohol, medium- bodied, Lt flowers, pears, apples. Quality: Very good. Ready to drink. Learn More
  27. Champalou Vouvray Brut

    Champalou Vouvray Brut


    The Champalou Vouvray Brut is fresh, delicate, and refined. Made from 100% Chenin Blanc (as required by law), this wine is an excellent alternative to Champagne, Cava, and other more prominent members of the sparkling wine world. The fresh and sprightly finish makes it a fine choice with light appetizers. Learn More
  28. Vranken Champagne

    Vranken Champagne


    Vranken's releases seem to be bucking the trend towards drier Champagnes. This wine is soft and obviously the dosage is high. It is balanced and the fresh creamed apple flavors and light texture all work well together. It is in a light style, ready to drink. Learn More
  29. Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow

    Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow


    Veuve Clicquot Champagne, one of the most famous Champagnes in the world. The well known “Yellow Label” represents quality to so many people. The layers of citrus and minerality from the Chardonnay, brambly berry from the Pinot Meunier, and the refined full structure from the Pinot Noir, which is the dominant variety in this blend, makes this an outstanding Non-Vintage Champagne. Learn More
  30. Roederer Estate Brut

    Roederer Estate Brut


    Roederer Estate Brut, the first California sparkling wine produced by Champagne Louis Roederer, builds upon a 200-year tradition of fine winemaking that has made Roederer champagne among the most sought-after in the world. Roederer's winemaking style is based on two elements: ownership of its own vineyards and the addition of oak-aged reserve wines to each year's blend or cuvee. All the grapes for the Anderson Valley wines are grown on the Estate. Each year, the winemaker selects a portion of the best wines for aging in Center of France oak casks. Aged from one to three years, wines from this reserve cellar are added to the blend, creating a multi-vintage cuvee in the traditional Roederer style, known for its body, finesse and depth of flavor. The Roederer Estate Brut debuted in October 1988, and has since established its reputation as one of California's premier sparklers, remaining true to the heritage of excellence and style of its French forebears. Learn More
  31. Canard-duchene Brut Champagne

    Canard-duchene Brut Champagne


    Authentic Brut epitomizes the Canard-Duchene style, where freshness and intensity bring together nobility and nature. A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the wine is characterized by fresh fruit aromas jostling with brioche notes. The fruit aromas carry through to the palate and intermingle with pastry notes. Authentic Brut epitomizes is light-hearted Champagne, perfect for every occasion. Learn More
  32. Celange Rose

    Celange Rose


    A product of six generations of sparkling wine know-how from a family business founded in 1898, Célange Rosé Luxe is produced from the gentle, first pressed juice of hand-harvested Pinot Noir, Gamay and Chardonnay. A generous dosage and a year of rack aging results in a scrumptious rosé redolent of red fruits, rose petals and freshly baked biscuits, finishing crisp and just dry. Learn More
  33. Celange Bijou Blanc

    Celange Bijou Blanc


    Serve vibrant sparklers with lightly fried appetizers and other tasty finger foods. Try mini crab cakes topped with a dollop of remoulade, salmon skin temaki (hand rolls) or a basket of zesty cheese straws. Learn More
  34. Canard-Duchene Rose

    Canard-Duchene Rose


    As with many of the best things in life, Canard-Duchêne began with love. It was love that drew barrel maker Victor Canard, and wine grower Leonie Duchêne together, way back in the 1800s and it was their shared love of Champagne that inspired them to their own House in the Montagne de Reims National Park in 1868. With the elegance and finesse typical of the House, this rosé is charmingly fresh, bursting with vibrant pomegranate and strawberry flavours. Merci amour. Learn More
  35. Schramsberg Blanc De Blanc

    Schramsberg Blanc De Blanc


    The 2013 Blanc de Blancs has bright and fresh aromas of grapefruit, mango, apricot, lemon, and white peach. The fruitful fragrance intermingles with hints of fresh bread, vanilla cream pie, and rose petals. Freshly sliced Gravenstein apples, zesty citrus, and bright pineapple flavors carry vibrant length on the palate. Blend: 100% Chardonnay Learn More
  36. Champagne Malard Special Reserve Brut

    Champagne Malard Special Reserve Brut


    The careful blending of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varietal grapes has long been the secret to the success of the famous sparkling wines of the Champagne region. The wines of this region have gone down in history as the finest example of France's sparkling produce, and the methods of processing the grapes in this region have been imitated in almost every wine producing country in the world. There are actually seven different grape varietals allowed to be included in a Champagne sparkling wine, although grape varietals such as Pinot Blanc, Arbanne and Pinot Gris are used less and less commonly in its production. Whilst the Chardonnay varietal grapes offer their distinctive biscuit flavor and wonderful astringency, it is the Pinot Noir grapes (most commonly used for producing beautifully light red wines) which give the Champagne wines their length and backbone. Learn More
  37. Wolffer Estate Noblesse Oblige Rose

    Wolffer Estate Noblesse Oblige Rose


    Our extra brut sparkling Rosé has a brilliant shiny salmon and orange hue with an incredible mousse of the finest bubbles. The aroma is classic, displaying nutty brioche, toasty yeast notes and white chocolate. The wine is rich, filled with fine vibrant acidity, clean ripe fruit and has fantastic concentration and expressive mouth-feel. The finish is lush, yet dry, and has great fruit with wonderful minerality and great balance. Learn More
  38. Gonet-Medeville Champagne Brut

    Gonet-Medeville Champagne Brut


    The vineyards of Gonet-Medeville are all located in the vicinity of Epernay. They are famous for their exceptionally chalky soil. The vines are remarkably well-kept, harvested at low yields and sustainably-farmed. They are located on superb Premier Cru slopes in Bisseuil (known for its Pinot Noir) and the two Grands Crus of Ambonnay (great Pinot Noir) and Le Mesnil-Sur-Oger (top-notch Chardonnay). This lovely Champagne is a blend of 70% Chardonnay, 27% Pinot Noir, 3% Pinot Meunier with minimal dosage. Sexy, taut, and pure – a full-bodied Champagne style – that is an ideal aperitif and one of the best value Champagnes. It gets the palate going! Learn More
  39. Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne

    Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne


    Moët & Chandon is the champagne of success and glamour since 1743. Renowned for its achievements and legendary pioneering spirit, Moët & Chandon is synonymous with both cherished traditions and modern pleasures and has helped celebrate life’s most triumphant moments for more than 270 years. Moët Impérial is the House's iconic champagne. Created in 1869, it embodies the unique Moët & Chandon style; a style that distinguishes itself by its bright fruitiness, seductive palate, and elegant maturity. Pairs With: Moët Impérial can be served throughout the meal, from aperitif to dessert and pairs perfectly with: - Sushi - Scallops - Oysters - White fish - White meats, fried chicken - Salad - White fruits Learn More
  40. Henriot Brut Souverain Champagne

    Henriot Brut Souverain Champagne


    Symbol of the elegant style of Champagne Henriot’s wines, Brut Souverain appeals with its nose of white flower and citrus fruit notes, then with a balanced, harmonious palate. An ideal partner for aperitif. Brut Souverain is made up of a balanced proportion of Chardonnay, in the majority from the Côte des Blancs, and Pinot Noir, mostly from the Montagne de Reims. Pinot Meunier adds a delicate fruity note. More than 25 crus are assembled, including the following village: Mesnil sur Oger, Oger, Avize, Cramant, Chouilly, Aÿ, Verzy, Verzenay, Beaumont, Sillery, Mailly Champagne. The composition of Brut Souverain changes from year to year to take account of climate variations and to perpetuate House style. Brut Souverain is composed of 20% reserve wines. Learn More
  41. Ca' Del Bosco

    Ca' Del Bosco


    The NV Franciacorta Cuvée Prestige Brut is packaged in a squat and transparent bottle. This beautiful sparkling wine shows a unique aromatic profile with spicy notes of spearmint and fresh oregano leaf that pop to the top. Beyond those vertical aromas are heavier tones of stone fruit, honeydew melon and blanched almond. This Franciacorta (75% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Bianco and 15% Pinot Nero) offers spicy and vibrant aromatic tones that you don't find in its peers. Learn More
  42. Veuve Clicquot Brut Box

    Veuve Clicquot Brut Box


    Veuve Clicquot's distinctive yellow label has been a guarantee of quality for centuries, and once more this highly respected house has confirmed its stellar reputation with this rich complex bubbly. No wonder it's our bestselling big name Champagne! Learn More
  43. Gosset Brut Excellence

    Gosset Brut Excellence


    Gosset only uses juice from the first and best pressing of grapes, and unlike most other producers, initial fermentation is still carried out in small oak barrels. Learn More
  44. Tarlant Zero Champagne

    Tarlant Zero Champagne


    A zero-dosage Champagne from tiny producer Tarlant. This is refreshing with an enticing lime note. Learn More
  45. Ployez-Jacquemart Extra Brut Champagne

    Ployez-Jacquemart Extra Brut Champagne


    Gold tints. Plenty of autolytic development, and the aroma of just-wrinkled, super-sweet golden delicious apples. Mouthfilling lacy mousse. Beautiful intensity. Slightly bitte... Learn More
  46. Jean Chartron Chassagne Montrachet

    Jean Chartron Chassagne Montrachet


    Very expressive, with a bouquet of pear, tangerine and buttered apples leading into an ample but fresh palate with nice concentration and intensity. Learn More
  47. Veuve Clicquot Demi - Sec

    Veuve Clicquot Demi - Sec


    Veuve Clicquot Demi Sec has a higher dosage, making it perfect for occasions deserving an extra touch of sweetness. The yellow-gold champagne displays both roundness and mellowness, combined with a delightful freshness due to its gentle acidity. The aromas of ripe fruit are very noticeable. Thanks to its exquisite balance, Demi-Sec is the ideal champagne to serve with fruit-based desserts. Learn More
  48. Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve

    Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve


    Fine bubbles which rise slowly, persistent mousse. Straw-colored. A nose of ripe pear with some touches of cut hay. Full fruit, but clean in the mouth. This cuvée contains 40% Pinot Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay. All wines from the best sites in the department of the Marne, from more than twenty top vineyards in Champagne. The overall composition of this cuvée has not changed much for almost fifty years. Learn More
  49. Veuve Clicquot Rich Demi Sec

    Veuve Clicquot Rich Demi Sec


    Boasting a brilliant yellow color with deep golden highlights, this wine offers delicate bubbles and an intense nose of ripe fruit with hints of brioche. It is supple and full on the palate, while preserving its delightful, inherent freshness. After cellaring for two to three years, the Demi-Sec will take on even richer notes of praline. When serving Demi-Sec, connoisseurs continue a tradition unique to the Champagne region: they offer Veuve Clicquot in a decanter. A French style of life that celebrates the refined Epicurean. Learn More
  50. Canard-Duchene Charles VII

    Canard-Duchene Charles VII


    The Grande Cuvee Le Victorieux Charles VII is a complex, refined and elegant Champagne, characterized by overriding white fruit aromas and mineral notes. It is the perfect balance of maturity and freshness, with a Chardonnay dominated bouquet and a Pinot Noir dominated palate. "Charles VII le Victorieux" is ideal served as an aperitif or to start a meal. Learn More

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