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  1. Suntory Whisky Toki

    Suntory Whisky Toki


    Size 750ML

    Toki means "time" in Japanese.

    It’s a concept rich in meaning the world over, 
    but particularly in Japan where respect for tradition and reinvention sparks a powerful creative energy.
    Inspired by that interplay, Suntory Whisky Tokibrings together old and new -the House of Suntory's proud heritage and its innovative spirit- to create blended Japanese whisky that is both groundbreaking and timeless.

    A vivid blend of whiskies from Suntory's Hakushu, Yamazaki, and Chita distilleries, Suntory Whisky Tokifeatures the quintessential characteristics of a Suntory Whisky blend: exquisite balance, harmony, and oneness.
    At the same time, its unique pairing of Hakushu American white oak cask malt whisky with Chita heavy-type grain whisky overturns the traditional hierarchy between malt and grain. 

    These seemingly dissimilar but deeply accordant whiskies, 
    together with select Yamazaki malts for additional depth and complexity, gives Suntory Whisky Toki its silky taste,
    vivid character, and bold inventiveness.

    Learn More
  2. nikka coffey for sale

    Nikka Coffey 2014

    Price Elsewehere: $99.94

    Our Price: $69.94

    Size 750ML

    This maintains the taste of classic grain whisky -- vanilla, hints of caramel, and some gin like herbs with a spicy note on the finish. Learn More
  3. Nikka Whisky Coffey Grain 90

    Nikka Whisky Coffey Grain 90


    Size 750ML

    A release of grain whisky from Japan's Nikka, produced mainly from corn using one of their continuous Coffey stills. Rather than the rare and limited releases they have done before, this is a larger release to further show off this key component in the Nikka family of whiskies. Learn More
  4. Kaiyo Japanese Whisky (750mL)

    Kaiyo Japanese Whisky (750mL)


    Size 750ML

    Kaiyo Japanese Whisky is matured in the finest Mizunara oak casks. The distilleries pioneering research into the effect of wood selection on whisky maturation has led to the development of bespoke aging barrels, crafted from slow growth, air-seasoned wood from hand-selected trees. The casks are hand made due to the Mizunara oaks delicate wood grain. The whiskey is gently matured in a traditonal style for many years before it embarks on its unique sea voyage. Learn More
  5. Kavalan Sherry Oak Whisky

    Kavalan Sherry Oak Whisky


    Size 750ML

    You know how good the multi-award winning Kavalan Solist Sherry matured releases are? Well the whisky that goes into this permanent addition to the range is the same, brought down to a bottling strength of 46% using Kavalan spring water! Learn More
  6. Ichiros Malt & Grain Whisky

    Ichiros Malt & Grain Whisky


    Size 750ML

    "This whisky is blended by Ichiro Akuto, founder of the Chichibu distillery. He travels to find casks perfect for his blend in addition to his Hanyu single malt and Chichibu single malt. This is worldwide blended whisky." Learn More
  7. Hibiki Harmony Masters Select

    Hibiki Harmony Masters Select


    Size 700ML

    Extremely hard to find in the United States. This is the blend chosen by the Master of Whisky at Hibiki that is aged in 5 different casks at the Yamazaki, Hakashu and Chita distilleries! Learn More
  8. Taketsuru 17yr Malt Whisky

    Taketsuru 17yr Malt Whisky


    Size 750ML

    This is a great 17 year old blended malt named for Nikka's founder, the whisky-pilgrim Masataka Taketsuru. Learn More
  9. Hakushu Japanese Whisky 12yr

    Hakushu Japanese Whisky 12yr


    Size 750ML

    A perennial favourite and a must-try for anyone interested in discovering Japanese whisky. Hakushu is owned by Suntory, founders of the first Japanese distillery, Yamazaki. The original Hakushu distillery was built in 1973, with another distillery building called Hakushu Higashi (west) added in 1981. Learn More
  10. Suntory Hibiki Japanese Whisky 12yr

    Suntory Hibiki Japanese Whisky 12yr


    Size 750ML

    An exquisite 12 year old blended Japanese whisky. Hibiki includes malt whisky from Yamazaki and Hakushu, as well as grain whisky from Chita. The whisky is partly matured in plum liqueur barrels. Learn More
  11. Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 21yr old Japanese Whisky

    Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 21yr old Japanese Whisky


    Size 750ML

    This pure malt whisky is characterized by a deep and flavorful richness and excellent balance unique to whisky matured for 21 years. You're sure to enjoy the nose, which blends the richness of ripe fruit with the elegance of the aged cask, and the complex changes in character that appear as the finish approaches

    Learn More
  12. Taketsuru 21yr Nikka

    Taketsuru 21yr Nikka


    Size 750ML

    Taketsuru 21 was crowned World's Best Blended Malt Whisky at the 2010 World Whiskies Awards. It really is a fabulous whisky, and for those of you who enjoyed the brilliant 17 year old this offers just a bit more richness, a little hint more chocolate and coffee. Learn More
  13. The Yamazaki Single Malt Limited Edition 2015

    The Yamazaki Single Malt Limited Edition 2015


    Size 750ML

    The Yamazaki Limited Edition 2015 is composed of three single malts: A single malt aged 20 years in sherry casks made out of European oak ; these barrels were used for maturating red wines. Another single malt aged 20 years in port wine casks made out of European oak ; these barrels were previously used for maturing port wines. A young single malt aged in bourbon barrels made out of American white oak. Bottled at 43 % above volume Learn More
  14. Chichibu golden horse for sale

    Chichibu 8 year old Japanese Whisky


    Size 750ML

    Chichibu golden horse 8 year - Light and silky with a sweet oak coming through on the mid palate, finishes with a dry light smoke. If you are reading this, it is in stock Learn More
  15. Hibiki 17 Year

    Hibiki 17 Year


    Size 750ML

    This Japanese blend was awarded an "Editor's Choice" from Whisky Magazine. Hibiki 17 year old is a superb whisky from Suntory. Learn More
  16. The Yamazaki 18yr Single Malt Japanese Whisky

    The Yamazaki 18yr Single Malt Japanese Whisky


    Size 750ML

    A wonderful example of what Japanese whisky is capable of. We absolutely love this. Extremely smooth, with great complexity and a lovely balance of fruit, silky malt and a touch of smoke. If you are reading this it is in stock Learn More
  17. Hibiki 21YR

    Hibiki 21YR


    Size 750ML

    Hibiki 21 was named World's Best Blended Whisky at the 2013 World Whiskies Awards and was awarded 96 points in Jim Murray's 2014 Whisky Bible. Dr. Whisky says it's 'Unbelievably balanced, and dangerously drinkable'. So basically, it's pretty good stuff! Learn More
  18. yamazaki puncheon 2012 for sale

    Yamazaki Puncheon 2012


    Size 750ML

    The Yamazaki distillery matured the whisky for this release in Puncheon casks, which much, much larger than your regular hogshead cask. A hoggie will hold 230 litres, whereas the mighty Puncheon holds 480 litres. What this means for this Yamazaki single malt Japanese whisky is that it matures in the Puncheon slower, allowing it to gently acquire flavour from the cask. This is the 2012 Yamazaki Puncheon release. If you are reading this it is in stock Learn More
  19. The Yamazaki 18 Year Mizunara Cask

    The Yamazaki 18 Year Mizunara Cask


    Size 750ML

    The Yamazaki® Mizunara 2017 Edition represents Suntory’s true mastery of the Art of Mizunara–from harvesting, to cask making, to maturation, to blending. It is made from a precise selection of malt whiskies, all distilled in Yamazaki and aged in Japanese Mizunara casks. The House of Suntory invites whisky lovers to experience one of its most precious creations and encounter for the first time the defining expression of Mizunara’ness Learn More

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