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  1. Patou VSOP

    Patou VSOP


    Demanding in its creation, yet immediate in its tasting, Patou V.S.O.P. maintains its unique style across time. As a reflection of Patou know how, Patou V.S.O.P.'s personality is the result of carefully selecting some of the most expressive and distinctive. Learn More
  2. Dekuyper Peach Brandy

    Dekuyper Peach Brandy


    Perfect for sipping with friends, this fine brandy is crafter with premium peach distillate. Learn More
  3. Christian Brothers VSOP Brandy

    Christian Brothers VSOP Brandy


    Christian Brothers Grand Reserve VSOP is an exceptional blend of American and European Brandies that have been aged in oak casks for 6 to 10 years producing a rich, harmonious flavor and silky taste. Learn More
  4. J. Bavet Brandy

    J. Bavet Brandy


    From California comes a remarkable brandy with a full-bodied flavor and a smooth, sippable character. The rich quality of J. Bavet is perfect when enjoyed "neat", over ice or mixed with a favorite cola. Learn More
  5. Singani 63

    Singani 63


    Singani 63 is Steven Soderberg's in house brand of imported Bolivian Liquor. "Clear. Floral geranium, cherry sorbet, peach custard aromas with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a elderflower, lychee, violet candy, and citrus oil finish. Complex floral character for sipping or cocktails." Learn More
  6. Calvados Coquerel Kosher

    Calvados Coquerel Kosher


    This Kosher three year oak-aged kosher Calvados displays impeccable depth and a refined bouquet. From one of the finest Calvados houses. Learn More
  7. Saint Vivant Armagnac

    Saint Vivant Armagnac


    A smooth, high quality brandy. Made in France, it has a full flavor and a rich tradition that dates back to 1559 when St. Vivant de la Salle produced the first bottle of Armagnac Brandy. Learn More
  8. Boukha Bokobsa Fig Brandy

    Boukha Bokobsa Fig Brandy


    The Bokobsa family has been producing kosher spirits since 1870. Around 1880, in his distillery of La Soukra, in Tunisia, they invented Boukha, a spirit made with the finest Mediterranean figs. Since then, the Bokobsa family has continued this tradition by keeping the same natural recipe. Made from distilling Tunisian figs, Boukha Bokobsa is a smooth eau de vie, with complex flavors of fig, raisin, cinnamon, and layers of interesting flavors. Learn More
  9. Kirsch Cherry Brandy

    Kirsch Cherry Brandy


    From the German word “cherry water,” Yahara Bay’s Kirschwasser is a highly refined, unsweetened cherry brandy. Starting with 100% Montmorency tart cherries grown in Door County, WI, Yahara Bay creates a cherry wine that is then distilled in their 90 gallon Copper Pot Still. What results is a true German brandy that has the faint finish of tart cherries perfect for brandy cocktails or your favorite cheese fondue. Learn More
  10. Lorenzo Inga Grappa Pinot Noir

    Lorenzo Inga Grappa Pinot Noir


    Pure white in color with a perfume that is delicate and fruity, with a lingering aroma of wild berries. The taste is softly tannic, with an aftertaste of butter rum candies and almonds. This Grappa Di Dolcetto cultivated in the most famous DOC zones in Ovada, Alba and Asti, (Piedmont). 100% Dolcetto Since 1832 the Inga family has been producing 100% varietal grappa. Focusing only on grappa production, they produce no wine. Lorenzo Inga is the fifth generation of Ingas to run the Inga family grappa business. Lorenzo Inga is dedicated to producing the finest grappa. Traditional grappa is usually distilled in industrial column stills using the pressings from the winemaker's leftovers stems, seeds, skins and leaves. Lorenzo's method is to purchase the vinacce, the grape skins and pulp from small wineries after only the first pressings being used to make wine. Using these second pressings, presses the grapes and the Lorenzo free-flowing juices retain the grape's aromatics and varietal characteristics. This "must" is then fermented and double distilled in small alambic copper pot stills, like those used for distillation of the finest French cognacs. According to this is the secret to good, varietal grappa. To make sure Lorenzo Inga that it is as fresh as humanly possible, collects thevinacce and distills it within 24 hours of the Lorenzo first pressing, usually within 18 hours. Learn More
  11. Pierre Patou XO Gold

    Pierre Patou XO Gold


    Patou XO is for the few who possess the courage to take a different direction, to experience the truly exceptional. Patou is the future that has yet to be revealed. The shadows ahead contain limitless possibilities. It is up to you to take the first step into mystery and embrace the extraordinary. Your next creation, your next journey, your next night out, discover Patou XO. Learn More
  12. Gilles Brisson Napoleon 1er Cru

    Gilles Brisson Napoleon 1er Cru


    Mixing luscious caramel and spice in the aroma, this amber Cognac is surprisingly light and delicate on the palate, showing elegant caramel, oak, tea, vanilla, sarsaparilla and clove. Give it a swirl in the glass; exposure to air yields butterscotch-like notes too. Learn More

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